Chapter 54: The Other Side Of The Closet

Aziz Acharki/

Tired of Keeping It a Secret

Chapter 53: The price of coming out

Morgan Sessions/Unsplashcom

Chapter 52: A fag through and through

Austin Wade/

Chapter 51: My First Man

Sushil Nash/

Chapter 50: So much to lose

Ari Agustian/

Chapter 49: Wishes and a dream

Alors Griffiths/

Chapter 48: The touch of his seven o’clock shadow

Aaron Blanco/

Chapter 47: Gay Lit 101

Toa Heftiba/

Chapter 46: Defending the indefensible

Chapter 45: Seismic Development!

James Barr/

Laurence Best

Larry Best is a retired trial lawyer who writes about the alienation that led him into the closet until he was 42 years old and his life since coming out

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